Jobs for Scientists
and Engineers

If you've got a few minutes, we've got some great scientific and engineering jobs listed here. Be in science or engineering, be in the Twin Cities, and be really good. We look forward to reading your application.


You MIGHT be right for
a FEW jobs in the twin cities

Our clients are always looking for better people, so if you're one of those, your resume won't go in a drawer. When a science job comes along for which you're a good fit, we'll get ahold of you.

Upload your resume below. Our system will use the information to fill in our form below. Once it's done, please verify your information before clicking "Submit" at the bottom of the form. The resume will also attach so we have a hard copy for our files. Oh yeah, it can be any kind of text file you like. Really, no fooling. We'll even take PDFs with text. Just make sure whatever you upload doesn't have tables, graphics or images – or else you'll make a lot more work for yourself.


It doesn't say we're
straightforward, honest
and warm. But we are

We help companies find candidates. When you send us a resume, we have a process that tells us if a job is a fit for you, and if you're a fit for our clients. And if you are, we contact you. We've laid out our process below.


We're always looking for good people for our job openings. We find you through postings, networking, referrals, and social media. When you send us a resume, you become part of our database, and we stay in touch if you seem right for a position.

We make sure we have an ongoing conversation with you. We listen to where you want to go, and clarify for you where the industry is going; the trends, the market, the future opportunities based on your background, salary, and career. Communication creates a partnership where helping you grow your career also helps our clients grow their business.

Opportunities and
Client Submittals

We stay in touch about opportunities with a description of the position and what we know. We talk to you about it and see if you're interested. We never submit your name for a position without your consent.

We never try to fit you into a position that isn't right. Our Summary of Understanding with our client means that we know exactly who they're looking for. Our conversations with you mean that we know exactly how right you are.

If you're interested, we submit your resume with a description of how you're a good fit, your salary history and needs, and your ability to interview and start.

If the client isn't interested, we tell you why and stay in touch about future opportunities.


If the client is interested we give you details of the time and location with directions. We prepare you for the interview and help you feel comfortable in presenting yourself.


We give timely feedback from our clients, who fill out a form so we understand what went well and what didn't. This is your chance to tell us if you think the job is a fit for you.


Once you get an offer, congratulations. We begin preparing you for your new job.


We ask you to come into the office for paperwork and preparation for your new job. We do background and drug screening if required, and tell you when and at what time you start.

Performance Updates7

We stay in touch, take you to lunch, and make sure you're happy. We're always available if you need anything to help the placement work, and make the opportunity more rewarding for you.


You gotta be kidding

No. We're really ambitious, and one of the ways we attract the best talent is by offering health coverage. Our competitive compensation and benefits package includes:

  • weekly paychecks
  • holiday pay
  • bonuses for referring other talent
  • health benefits package through HealthPartners

We want to make contract / contract-to-hire work for you, so you work with us.


Refer a friend
(or an enemy) for a job.
Get a bonus

Everybody wins. Your friend gets a job. We do our job for our client. You get a bonus.

$250 Referral Bonus for Temporary Placements

For each new applicant you refer to Verum, who completes 250 billable hours with us, you get $250. To be eligible, you, the referring employee, must be acknowledged by the applicant during his/her initial contact or interview.

$500 Referral Bonus for Full-Time Placements

For each new applicant you refer to Verum who is placed directly with our client on a fee basis within six months of his/her interview with us, you get $500. To be eligible, you, the referring employee, must be acknowledged by the applicant during his/her initial contact or interview. Bonus will be paid upon the referral employee's completion of guarantee period, usually 30 days after his/her start date.


A lot of information
you need is here

We want to make it easy to find everything you need, including online forms and information you need to know. If there's something missing, let us know and we'll get it on the site.