We owe you great results
This is how we get them


Instead of promising you qualified candidates, we promise you a qualifying process that ensures you get them.

Needs analysis1

Of course we'll read a job description if you send it to us, but we know a better way to understand the type of person you're looking for. And the type of job they'll be walking into.

We prefer to start with a face-to-face conversation and a site tour. That will help us know the environment, the position, the culture, and the future opportunities you're offering. And the person you're looking for.

There will be a lot of questions, but the results are worth it.

Summary of Understanding2

We draw this up so we both agree on what we discovered in the Needs Analysis, and on a realistic time line. This is the foundation of our agreement; no other staffing company does this.

Targeted Sourcing3


We find the right candidates for your open job. We compile and rank a list of candidates that are a possible fit for the position.

  • Place ads on major job boards and specialty boards to generate resume flow
  • Network with our group of industry specific and professional contacts for referrals
  • Talk about the job on social networks
  • Identify and pursue individuals in comparable positions with similar companies
  • Network with candidates we've met in the same or similar field to get the word out
  • Work with university and trade schools
  • Work with professional and trade associations


We review resumes and filter candidates who fit our Summary of Understanding. We pre-screen anyone we're thinking about sending to you so that you never waste time on someone who isn't qualified.

  • Last 3 job changes
  • Compensation
  • Promotions
  • Why they left
  • Motivation
  • Work ethic
  • Character
  • Veracity
  • Responsibility
  • Qualifications
  • Technical questions to test knowledge
  • Ability to think on his/her feet
  • Salary, relocation, special needs


We check references of every candidate before we send them to you.


We don't just send you a resume; we send you our insights on the person. We outline:

  • How they fit within the Summary of Understanding
  • Reasons for believing this candidate is a good fit
  • The candidate's salary history
  • The candidate's salary needs
  • The candidates ability to interview
  • The candidate's ability to start a new position

Client Review of Candidates4

Now it's your turn to review the candidates.

Within the time agreed on in the Summary of Understanding, we'll discuss the candidate with you to see if you want to schedule an interview with the hiring manager and team.

If you don't want to interview the candidate, we'll tell him/her.

Client Interview and Feedback5

If you want to interview the candidate, we'll facilitate. You tell us the time, date and location; we'll make sure the candidate is there.

We'll get feedback from both you and the candidate.

You'll choose to move to the next step with the candidate, or go back to a previous step in our process.

Offer and Placement6

Our job is to clarify the facts so you can make the best decision for your company.

If the candidate fits, we'll work with both of you to come to a strategic, realistic offer. Here's where time spent on the Summary of Understanding pays off; there shouldn't be any surprises because we've already walked through everything. And if there are issues after the offer, we're skilled, flexible negotiators, and we'll do the best we can to ensure a seamless process and an end result that pleases everyone.

When the candidate accepts your offer, we review all details and paperwork to ensure a smooth placement.

Performance Updates7

We stay in touch, take you to lunch, and make sure you're happy. We're always available if you need anything to help the placement work, and make the opportunity more rewarding for you.

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